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Having platforms and tools available for you to promote your business is at the core of what we do. Just providing you with data and analysis isn’t good enough, we give you ways to capitalise on this and drive more revenue. Smart Gift is our promotions platform that, makes it easy for you to create, generate and apply promotions and vouchers. Having a ‘gifting’ element to your business, will draw new customers as well as existing more frequently.

Easy to use
• Custom design to suit your brand
• Web Based Management Tool
• Secure Online Payments

Saves Time

• Import your historic data
• Your money, straight to you
• Integrates into your existing website seamlessly

Makes money

• Flat fee no commission
• Partial redeem over multiple sites
• Reporting on departmental Revenue as the voucher is sold
• Issued with unique voucher ID’s and QR codes to increase the security of your vouchers and make redemptions really simple on mobile devices and iPads when you have no access to a printer.

Smart Gift revolutionises the way vouchers are generated, sold and redeemed. Saving time, alongside ease of use will ensure your margins are maximised, your waste is minimised, and your profits are realised.


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